Who are we?

Bee Up Capital is a private equity company approved by the French Financial Markets Authority (AMF) since 1998. We are independent and 100% owned by our managing partners.

Bee Up Capital manages professional private equity funds (French FPCI) whose capital comes from institutions, insurance companies, pension funds, families and entrepreneurs.

The management company is managed by Sophie Pourquéry and Edouard Thomazeau, both Managing Partners, private equity professionals who have worked together since 2000.


The team consists of experienced professionals with complementary profiles with a total of 60 years of experience between them in private equity serving the expansion of SMEs.


Our history

  • 2000

    In the 2000s, Sophie Pourquéry and Édouard Thomazeau participated in the creation of AtriA Capital Partenaires, one of the first private equity companies in France dedicated to growth buy-outs. They have supported the growth of groups such as FPEE, Châteauform’, Trigo, Parcours, CTN, LPR, Viadom and Clextral.

    At the same time, Industries et Finances (now Bee Up Capital) was created in 1998 as a pioneer in sector consolidation of SMEs. Around ten groups have been created by grouping together companies in the same sector, including Armatis (Call Centre) which has increased its turnover tenfold with our support, and Climater Group (HVAC), a family-owned SME located in the Southwest which, after 7 acquisitions driven by us, has become a national player with over € 70m in turnover when it was disposed.

  • 2010

    In the 2010s, our company became a specialist in Build-up (a program of successive acquisitions of companies to form a group) for sector consolidation projects, as well as geographical expansion, product diversification and/or services and acquisition of technology know-how.

    About fifteen groups have thus been created by diversifying the range of products and services and bringing in technology oriented activities such as Claire Group (water networks; € 50m in turnover) and Cyllène Group (IT infrastructure; € 60m in turnover); through internationalization, such as IRIS-SDS Group (spare parts; € 50m in sales); through intensive investment programs, such as France Thermes, La Comtoise and Daco France; and through continued sector consolidation, such as Climater Group in which our team has invested twice.

    Bee Up Capital has a deliberate long-term approach since its creation to develop solid and lasting groups with high strategic value.

  • 2020

    In January 2020, Industries et Finances became Bee Up Capital and widened its field of action to all companies that voluntarily choose to transform and expand themselves.

The companies that we’ve supported over 20 years have one thing in common. They are solid, profitable, recognized in their markets, can be growing or offer a certain stability, enjoy a good reputation and are ready to start a new growth cycle. All of them have the ambition to grow with a partner at their side during this new phase.

This is the « raison d’être » of Bee Up Capital – to support SMEs ready for a new growth cycle with a management that aspires to continue their expansion.

The resources we make available to companies are as follows: capital, strategic thinking, roadmap for acquisition plans to accelerate and/or launch ambitious investment programs, human support for management and teams focused on change (size, organization, integration of new employees and new companies), structuring (legal, fiscal, financial, organizational) and the pursuit of the values that prevailed at the creation of the company’s origin.