To carry out their expansion project, management will implement an ambitious plan which, due to the scale of the project, requires the intervention of new players by their side.

This is where we come into our own as an active shareholder who provides financial, strategic, human and organizational support in this exciting phase of a company’s life.

Bee Up Capital offers support combining “hard skills” and “soft skills” to ensure the success of the project.

Hard Skills

Hard Skills

Bee Up Capital reveals the potential of companies by activating the drivers of “Build-up”, internationalization and productive or intangible investment. We review the strategy with management, target and approach complementary and strategic companies or activities, prepare acquisition plans and necessary financing and negotiate and support management in the acquisition and subsequent integration. We train the teams in place in Build-up and integration:

  • Workshop on the redesigned strategy and implementation of the action plan,
  • Development of an appropriate and automated financial monitoring and selection of KPIs,
  • Training in our acquisition processes (screening, M&A, due diligence, negotiation, financing, acquisition, preparation for pre- and post-deal integration, monitoring of synergies),
  • Development of a fluid organization (chart, processes and procedures) which adapts to changes and acquisitions,
  • Financial, legal, tax and HR structuring of the Group,
  • Support in digitalization of functions, evolution of information systems and IT tools,
  • Support in the marketing and communication plan, CSR policy and creation of an employer brand,
  • Library of monitoring, analysis and integration (PMI) tools,
Soft Skills

Soft Skills

Bee Up Capital provides human support to companies and executive management teams in Change Management related to their company’s expansion and transformation plan:

  • Implementing the management’s values to create consistency in rolling out the business plan,
  • Managerial diagnosis followed by coaching and/or mentoring of management teams,
  • Diagnosis of employee expectations,
  • Skills mapping, internal training and recruitment assistance,
  • Support in sociological analysis of key players, resistance, facilitators,
  • Support in cultural diagnosis of the company and the acquired companies: history, organisational structure, power structure, control systems, symbols, rituals and routines.

Bee Up Capital places people at the heart of the company’s strategy. A true partnership is established with the management teams. This is based on trust, openness and reciprocity with the common goal of creating value and sharing the value added.