Bee Up Capital is the only French private equity team that has supported SMEs in their growth for over 20 years thanks to add-on acquisitions in France and abroad and a productive and intangible investment program.

Following this strategy, we’ve supported the expansion of 25 groups representing over 65 acquisitions in total.

Bee Up Capital manages professional private equity funds (French FPCI) with amounts raised for each vehicle of € 80 to 135m for seven to eight investments per fund.

€ 8-20M

We invest between € 8 and 20m per company in one or more several capital calls. Our funds and our team therefore focus on a small number of investments, thus guaranteeing the success of each investment and demonstrating the in-depth work we perform with the management.

Company profiles

Bee Up Capital operates in all types of business sectors, with four main focuses: Industry, Food, IT and B2B Services.

  • € 10-50M Turnover
  • ≥ € 3M EBITDA
  • Bee Up Capital invests in SMEs with a turnover of 10 to 50 million euros and generating an EBITDA of over 3 million euros.

The companies in which Bee Up Capital invests are resilient, profitable and ready to start a new growth cycle. They can be:

  • industries looking to complement their product and service offerings or transform their value proposition by acquiring technology solutions,
  • market leaders wishing to develop new distribution channels,
  • mature companies which, by achieving a critical size, can improve their purchasing and through investments, can boost their productivity and profitability,
  • future star performers wishing to accelerate their operations abroad thanks to Build-up.


To carry out their expansion project, management will implement an ambitious plan which, due to the scale of the project, requires the intervention of new players by their side.

This is where we come into our own as an active shareholder who provides financial, strategic, human and organizational support in this exciting phase of a company’s life.

Bee Up Capital offers support combining “hard skills” and “soft skills” to ensure the success of the project.

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The Bee Up Capital ecosystem

Bee Up Capital has created an ecosystem that promotes thinking, anticipation, exchanges and going beyond expectations. 

Bee Up Capital pollinates the ecosystems of companies to help them grow… through Build-Up, meetings between peers and with our experts, workshops and networking. The goal is to meet the players who make up the Bee Up ecosystem, exchange with peers and share new ideas.

  • Coaching
  • Events
  • Prospective workshops
  • Before work
  • Networking
  • Site visit

Companies pollinate our ecosystem to make it grow… our network, developed over the past 20 years, exists to serve management teams to ensure the success of their project: experts, independent administrators, consultants, auditors, bankers, lawyers, tax specialists, recruiters and company directors – and it grows thanks to them.