Description of activities

Claire is a French specialist in equipment for drinking water supply and solutions for monitoring and controlling water, from connection of main pipes to the customer metering environment. Originating from the Veolia spin-off in 2011, Claire is a reference player in its sector alongside Bayard and Huot.

Investment thesis

We aimed to create a major European player with high strategic value thanks to 1) diversification of the customer portfolio, the products/services offering and distribution channels, 2) innovation with integration of know-how, new technologies and R&D and 3) development of export activities.

Bee Up Capital’s support

Supported by Bee Up Capital, the Claire Group has activated 3 transformation drivers:

    1. Build-up: 6 transforming acquisitions of companies were performed with 3 focuses
  1. Diversification (Hydromeca, UD Access and Itron)
  2. Technology innovation (VVE, Fast and Wayve)
  3. Geographical expansion: penetration of the German market (Fast)
    1. Capex: End-of-chain automation at the Sainte-Lisaigne plant; R&D in partnership with the Pôle Européen de Plasturgie (European Plastics Centre); Construction of a new workshop
    2. Governance: Recruitment of support positions (CFO, Legal Director, HRD, R&D) and creation of a board around the manager