Description of activities

Created by Jacques Horovitz in 1996, Châteauform’ has developed a unique concept of organising business seminars in distinguished residences where “everything is included” and it’s “just like being at home” thanks to a host, their team and chef. Châteauform’ has a different positioning from its competitors that specialize only in training.

Investment thesis

We aimed to create a European player in the organisation of business seminars by opening and/or acquiring around 20 sites and duplicating the differentiating concept. The challenge was to quickly develop a capital-intensive business starting from a network of 3 castles in 2000.

Bee Up Capital’s support

The Bee Up Capital team supported Jacques Horovitz as a majority investor within a structuring board of management. Several drivers were used to create a European player:

    1. Build-up / Capex: Opening of 13 sites,
    2. Internationalization: Switzerland, Spain and then Italy
    3. Team: Structuring of cross-functional teams and shareholding of 20 employees
    4. Outsourcing of property holdings to private investors allowing Châteauform’ to finance its development and invest in innovations and quality of service to maintain its competitive advantage.